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Purple Doors Productions ltd is an award nominated, innovative theatre and film company, dedicated to making a creating a space for new emerging artists. The people that create our projects are new to the industry - they are recent graduates or have entered the industry at a later stage in life. They are all incredibly talented but are constantly having to fight for their place, all looking for that foot in the door.

We are here to provide that platform, to open doors for new actors, writers and creatives. We are doing this by developing theatre and film in collaboration with the artists and therefore letting their creative ideas flourish. 


The performing arts industry needs to become more sustainable for the future, to continue evolving and changing. The only way of doing that is by giving all voices a creative outlet. This will then allow us to honour our audiences and society by continuing to challenge them with the most relevant and up to date topics.


At Purple Doors Productions we know that this generation is a big one, an important one. We've got things to say big and loud! So let's give them the stage on which to do that and start opening those doors.

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Previous and future work


Pre production

Lucy and Michael are in love. They know each other's world inside out, their dreams, their fears, their weakness and strength. Their lives are intertwined with one another completely... almost completely.


It’s time for the next step. Today is the day that promises to bind them together for an eternity. It’s the day that Micahel has dreamt of since he was a child. The day he gets down on one knee and proposes to Lucy.


And Lucy runs out.


Hidden pasts and locked up secrets are revealed as Lucy and Michael consider what it really means to have and to hold someone for an eternity.

This first film by Purple Doors Productions will be shot during December 2020 for release spring 2021

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Tea House Theatre, Vauxhall

Come one and all to the Purple Cabaret! This evening promises to be full of fun, frollicks, joy, tears and laughter as we showcase some of the best new talent in our industry today.

Our Cabaret evening will be featuring some of our best and latest work from Purple Doors Productions as well as work from across the industry making it a night to remember. Come join us and take a peak as to what the future of the industry has to offer. And grab a glass of wine on your way in!



Edinburgh Fringe festival 2019

This new musical finished previews at Theatre in the Fields Festival and The King's Head Theatre and has now completed it's run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 to 5* reviews and two Best Musical Award Nominations (Derek Awards and Musical Theatre Review). The Art of Skipping written by Eleanor Griffiths with music by Megan Hughes.

This musical follows the story of Alex a young and passionate astronomer, destined for the universe and beyond. Alex is on the brink of a bright future, nothing will stop her.  But then Alex learns she is turning blind. She won't be able to carry on her work. Her whole life is turned upside down and she has to battle with a new way of living. Alex must try to understand who she is now and explore whether her identity like destiny is written in the stars.

Stay tuned to keep up to date with the future of this project.


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This production premiered at the Theatre in the Fields Festival on 28th July with Lisa MacGregor, Emily Panes and Andrea Furlotti

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In Development

Women Don't Cry is a new play written by Eleanor Griffiths discussing what it means to  be a "strong woman" in the 21st Century amongst the Greta Thunbergs, Michelle Obamas, Mallalas, Beyonces and Theresa May's of the world.

Stay tuned to hear more about the development of this project throughout the year


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