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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024

You can’t choose who you’re related to. You definitely can’t choose your sister. 


Sara, the youngest of two sisters is grieving the recent death of her mother. After moving into her mothers flat, she finds herself grappling with redundancy, house repossession, and the chaotic whirlwind of rodent infestations. As Sara struggles to cope, her estranged older sister, Saskia, re-emerges on the scene. Saskia is considered the golden child. She has the perfect job, the perfect fiancée and a seemingly perfect life. A brief catch-up turns into resentment, regret and revelations, uncovering many secrets. But one secret is so big it sends the sisters' relationship from bad to worse to catastrophic.


Florence Lace-Evans previews her first dark comedy, ‘Yes, We’re Related’, and takes grief and chaos hand in hand. Get ready to face the truth, stand up for yourself, oh… and buy a very large net! 

Grab your tickets for ‘Yes, We’re Related’ now!


Pre production

A family is walking on eggshells in this new psychological thriller.

Currently in pre-production and filming in late 2024

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Funded in partnership with Hopton Engineering Limited



Edinburgh Fringe festival 2019

This new musical finished previews at Theatre in the Fields Festival and The King's Head Theatre and has now completed it's run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 to 5* reviews and two Best Musical Award Nominations (Derek Awards and Musical Theatre Review). The Art of Skipping written by Eleanor Griffiths with music by Megan Hughes.

This musical follows the story of Alex a young and passionate astronomer, destined for the universe and beyond. Alex is on the brink of a bright future, nothing will stop her.  But then Alex learns she is turning blind. She won't be able to carry on her work. Her whole life is turned upside down and she has to battle with a new way of living. Alex must try to understand who she is now and explore whether her identity like destiny is written in the stars.

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This production premiered at the Theatre in the Fields Festival on 28th July with Lisa MacGregor, Emily Panes and Andrea Furlotti

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